Frequently Asked Questions

What are the overall dimensions of a Navitear camper?
Overall 4400mm long x 1970mm wide x 1800mm high. Internal 2000mm x 1460mm x 1160mm

How long and what does your Warranty cover?
2 year manufactures warranty to cover workmanship and defects.

How do you provide warranty, service and repairs?
If there is ever an issue simply get in to contact with us and book a time for the issue to be looked at and rectified.

Will you deliver my camper camper?
Yes, get in contact for a quote.

How long will it take to have the product ready for delivery or pickup from time of down payment?
The build time is approximately 4 months but this depends on prior orders.

How much does the camper weigh?
660kg plus 43kg for the water if travelling with a full tank.

How will my camper manage power and store energy?
The camper has 240volt AC and 12volt DC. The 12volt deep cycle battery has the option of charging from 240volt charger car alternator and solar panels. Additional: Has the option of removable roof top solar panels.  

What lighting does the camper have?
LED lights throughout the entire camper.

What sized bed does the camper come with?
2000mm x 1460mm - Queen size

What kitchen amenities does the camper have?
As we build our camper completely custom please reach out to us and we can share our current price list.

How long does the camper take to set up?
Virtually no set up time. All you need to do is open the hatch to use the kitchen. Open the cabin door set bed to seating position.

Can the camper be used off-road?
We are looking into four wheel drive options. Please get in contact.

Do I need anything fitted to my car to tow?
Need a tow bar. Check your car manufacturing details for towing capacity.

How flexible is the camper when performing upgrades?
All our campers are custom made, so very flexible for upgrades.

Is there an awning or place for installation?
There is an option for roof rack which can house an awning. Please get in contact for more information.

Can the camper host a bike rack? If so where?
Yes, on the front draw bar.

What security features does the camper include?
Deadlock on the doors. Hatch has locks.

Can the camper host a roof rack?
Yes it can.

Can buyers pick up the camper from the factory?

What are your customer service hours?
9:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday and by appointment on weekends.

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